Davey and the Chains – SHIMMY (CS)

Davey and the Chains – SHIMMY (CS)


The fourth and most magical album by Philadelphia psych-pop veterans, Davey and the Chains.

The Holy Magical Lord is a kind and wondrous mother who has delivered unto us not one but TWO Davey and the Chains albums in 2018. Yes, the veteran bedroom pysch-pop producer has returned with his fourth and most realized album to date, “SHIMMY,” a buffet of dreamy lo-fi disco, sun-soaked pop, dub, and boogie-prone garage rock. Namesake frontman, David T. Ulrich, has crafted a joyous collection that befits all possible occasions, including but not limited to dance parties and cross-country bicycle rides. It rewards repeated listening, too: each pass uncovers some new sonic easter egg that you hadn’t noticed before. A fuzzy T-Rex guitar line here, a buried sax harmony there. The demo circulated around the office all year and it’s everyone’s favorite, we’re obsessed, GET WITH IT.

  1. Lil Dreamer

  2. Bomberos

  3. Cinnamon

  4. Tumbleweed Dub

  5. Mercedez Benz

  6. Old Windy Reed

  7. Monday Disco Morning

  8. Present For You

  9. Everett

  10. Ruthie

Mixed by Jeff Ziegler (War on Drugs, Kurt Vile)
Mastered by Mikey fucking Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring)

High-bias chrome cassette tape, clear with blue tint, v limited to 100
(We only get 60, the rest is for the band to sell at shows, DON’T BE A DONGLE)

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