Banzai Cliff – Hypothetical Love (CS & LP)

Banzai Cliff – Hypothetical Love (CS & LP)

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Debut album by Oakland surf pop newcomers, Banzai Cliff

Smoky tint cassette tape limited to 150
Black 140g virgin vinyl LP limited to 500 (We only get 350, the rest is for the band to sell at shows)

RELEASE DATE: Friday, March 9th, 2018


These jangly Oakland surf poppers are about to invade your eardrums. The band is songwriter Nicky Koch, assisted by bedroom psych producer David Ulrich. The duo recorded this nugget of feel-good/depressing pop at Ulrich's own Caveboy Studios in Philadelphia, PA, and it arrives at your fingertips just in time for summer.

Hypothetical Love is a sometimes-punk, sometimes-synthy collection of lo-fi garage pop songs, inspired by John Hughes movies, teen angst, and Morrissey's haircut. Catchy, playful, chuggy and simple. Everything you want in a record.

Koch and Ulrich performed, recorded and mixed the whole damn thing themselves. All songs mastered by Mikey fucking Young (Total Control/Eddy Current Suppression Ring)

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